If you suspect your significant other of having an affair, chances are your gut feeling is right. Being sure of your relationship status helps you get rid of uncertainty and anxiety. So how do you go about catching a cheating spouse?

Strategies for Tracking a Cheating Spouse

The following are some of the most effective ways of catching a cheating spouse:

catching cheating spouse

1. Read Non-Verbal Cues

Your partner might be saying everything you want to hear, but are their actions consistent with their words? Are they all of a sudden too protective of their phone? Do they leave the room too frequently to receive “important” calls?

If your spouse starts dressing their best for otherwise mundane activities such as trips to the store, your alarm bells should be ringing. Other cheating spouse signs include:

  • An unexplained confidence boost
  • Being more adventurous in the bedroom
  • Showering immediately they arrive home
  • Avoiding eye contact or generally being withdrawn.
  • Catching them without their wedding ring.

2. Follow the Paper Trail

This could be in the form of unexplained bills, including a sharp rise in phone expenses. Others are credit card charges for items or trips you weren’t aware of. If your spouse has been shopping online for gifts that you never see, chances are they’re being enjoyed by their secret lover.

3. Go High Tech

Does your partner’s browser history include a lot of activity on dating sites? Do they insist on clearing browser history every time they use a common computer in the house?

Other than snooping on their online activities, you can install hidden cameras in the house to catch your spouse cheating. Placing a GPS tracker in their car gives you their exact movements whenever they’re not in the house.

4. Hire a Private Investigator

You could do this for many reasons. Private investigators have vast experience and expertise in this field. Hiring an investigator for a cheating spouse also saves you the stress of doing the digging yourself.

You can go about your life as usual until you receive a definitive answer regarding your suspicions. They’re also licensed to perform some spying activities that would be considered illegal for civilians.

A Private Investigator Is Your Best Bet

Are you interested in catching a cheating spouse? Fast Affordable Investigations Inc. is your best hope for decisive answers. Our years of experience, expertise and attention to detail have successfully solved countless cases. If you want peace of mind, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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