I’ve been a Miami Private Investigator in South Florida for many years, and I’ve had numerous cases involving the less fortunate and homeless people. It can pose challenges when trying to find someone, but a good Miami private investigator perseveres.  A private investigator in Broward County or Miami Dade has almost too many places to start.  The more information a client can provide, such as relevant pictures, last contact date, etc., the better the odds become for finding the person.

miami private investigator homeless

Missing person cases, for the most part, involve assisting family members who live outside of the state of Florida.  Generally, they have lost contact with a family member for many different reasons.  That missing family member has become homeless and the last known address was in the Fort Lauderdale area.  I had one such case where a woman was due $68,000 from her family.  But after looking endlessly for her they could not track her down. The only way she was ever going to receive her money, was if I could find her. The last known contact with her was three years ago and Fast Affordable Investigations found her. There are many places a homeless person can go to such as food banks, homeless shelters, community outreach programs, and the streets are just a few.  This woman was found in a church on a Sunday.

Fast Affordable Investigations has also been called upon to help locate missing individuals that have left treatment facilities.  Addiction is very difficult for families and when a person leaves their treatment center, in an unknown area like West Palm Beach or Ft. Lauderdale, families can panic.  A Miami private investigator can help give families peace of mind by locating their loved one in an area they don’t know.

I also had a family from another state hire Fast Affordable Investigations to help their homeless family member.  The gentlemen needed documentation from his family in order to get a Florida state ID which would allow him to get state benefits.  I found him and the family overnighted his documentation to me.  I then took him to get his Florida ID.  While he was getting that ID I found a place for him to stay.

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