Skip Tracing

For the past 35 years, our investigators use years of experience and the latest technology to track down debtors, missing persons, or provide personal peace of mind. We can locate assets, perform background checks, provide skip tracing and GPS tracking. Our data is collected from public record resources such as vehicle registrations, driver license data, telephone connects and directories, voter’s registration data, address changes, property deeds and tax assessor data and more. All of our files are updated regularly to insure the most accurate information.
skip tracing

What is skip tracing?

Skip tracing is when you perform a search through documents and records to locate an individual. Skip trace or skip tracing has a very broad range of applications ranging from debt collecting, process server, bail bondsman, bounty hunting, repossessions,  immigration, locate witnesses, heirs to an estate, asset recovery, locating property, foreclosure, real estate investors, real estate agencies, obituaries, etc.

Often a client does not know the locations of the subject an investigator is hired to investigate. A skip trace search will not only give the main address of the subject but all known and former addresses, phone numbers, emails, court/legal records, family members, social media accounts, etc.  Using an email address or cell phone number can help search for the subject’s social media account. Performing a skip trace search would give the ability to quickly find the social media account such as Instagram, Snapchat, Google hangouts, etc, can be easily found.

There are multiple databases out there that would provide much of the basic information is very labor-intensive process and will you time and money. Skip tracing for the diligent investigator will find all of the information fairly quickly.

All in all, skip tracing works and give you a stronger lead because not everyone has the time and access to run a skip trace. Keep in mind, Skip tracing will not always provide you with the answer or payoff desired. Whether you are attempting to purchase a home, locate a subject’s best addresses or reconnect with someone. Skip trace is only designed to provide information about an individual.

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