Signs of a Cheating Spouse

signs of a cheating

Do you have a nagging feeling that something is not right in your relationship and in as much as you may try, you can’t shake it off? The truth is, being in a relationship where you feel that your spouse could be cheating on you is quite hard to bear. In as much as your gut feeling may be telling you that your partner is cheating, you need evidence to prove your suspicions. The following are 7 signs of a cheating spouse.

cheating on spouse

1-Lack of intimacy

In cases where a husband is cheating, most partners admit to a noticeable decline in intimacy. This usually happens since the cheating partner is more interested in a romantic interest elsewhere. It is especially true if your spouse rebuffs any attempts that you make of being intimate.

2-Working longer hours

This is one of the classic signs a husband is cheating. If your partner suddenly starts to put in extra time at the office, then the chances are that they might be cheating. Pay close attention to how your spouse seems to be handling the fact that they are spending more time at the office or on business trips. If he or she is not concerned about it to the point of talking about changing jobs in order to spend time with family, then most likely you have a cheating spouse. Also, be sure to check to see that your spouse’s paycheck reflects the extra time put in at work. If not, you have a reason to worry.

3-Suspicious cell phone use

A cell phone is a cheating spouse’s best friend. It enables him or her to communicate with the person they are cheating with. If your spouse receives late-night texts or takes and makes calls in private, there is a possibility that you are with a cheating spouse. The chances are even higher if they are in the habit of forgetting their cell phone in the car or at work. They may also get territorial and defensive when you pick up their cell phone to answer it.

4-Private e-mail account

Does your spouse have a private e-mail account? If so, do they leave it open for you to see, or do they password protect it and seem to close it whenever you enter the room? Many times private e-mail accounts are used as a means of communication between a cheating spouse and their lover.

5-Emotionally detached

Has your spouse stopped talking to you about personal things, their dreams, aspirations, or even their daily struggles with you? Do they appear to be just a shell of the person you met and fell in love with? If they have become cold and distant towards you and not the same loving person they once were, this emotional detachment is oftentimes one of the signs of a cheating husband, so be on the look-out.

6-Hyper attentive

This is one of the classic signs a husband is cheating. In an attempt to make themselves feel better about what they are doing, the cheating spouse will oftentimes become hyper-attentive. This can take the form of unexpected gifts, favors, or even attention.

7-Appearance oriented

When a cheating spouse is on the prowl, appearance becomes an essential aspect in their life because of the need to impress a romantic interest elsewhere.

The above are classic signs of a cheating husband. If your spouse is cheating on you, it’s the worst form of betrayal, and it can cripple your relationship. Knowing the signs of a cheating spouse puts you one step closer to discovering the truth in order to take action and get some closure. What may be a clear sign of cheating husband in one marriage may be not of concern in another. If you’ve noticed some signs, but don’t have tangible proof to back your suspicions, you may need to get professional help from a company like Fast Affordable Investigations. We are a leading private investigation agency that has built a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and trustworthy private investigators in South Florida. Whether you want to have your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend investigated, Fast Affordable Investigations is your best chance of getting the evidence you need.

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