When someone new enters your life or the life of a loved one, it can be scary. If this person is not someone from the local area, has no connections with anyone you know, and has no family ties in the community, you cannot be sure of their character and no one to check with to answer any questions you might have. Private investigators in Miami Florida can conduct a background check to verify a person’s credibility.

What to Expect from a Background Check

Private investigators in Miami Florida can perform a background check to uncover employment records, financial information, or military service records. Information discovered will depend on your need and which areas of the person’s life you question. Security checks are far more in-depth than personal ones, but investigators can uncover almost any type of information you need.

Private investigators in Miami Florida can locate records on a person that you would not find on a simple automated background check. They can uncover files that have been sealed or expunged and files with maiden or previous names associated with them. The investigator will perform the foot-work of looking up old newspaper stories and other news sources to find what you need.


Background Check on Financial Records

When private investigators in Miami Florida look into the financial records of an individual, they can uncover a lot of details about that person’s judgment, reliability, and lifestyle. Documents showing a person has filed bankruptcy would indicate they are not good with money and other information could lead one to discover they are involved with shady financial dealings.

Background Check on Personal Details

Regular background checks do not generally contain personal details, but this can be uncovered and reported when requested. Private investigators in Miami Florida can discover and sort through more information than just a person’s home address or previous name. They can uncover information such as known associates, social media accounts, past relationships and more. This information will provide an idea of what type of character the person has and whether they have ulterior motives in their relation to you or a loved one.

You may want the background of an individual checked for numerous reasons such as a new tenant, a new relationship, or as a new employee. Private investigators in Miami Florida can uncover the information you need.

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