Private Investigators in Florida Investigate Employee Theft and Embezzlement

If you’ve noticed your profits are slipping or inventory isn’t matching sales records, you may have an employee who is stealing from your company. If you’ve seen your financials are not at levels you would expect, you may be experiencing embezzlement of your funds. These actions are not easy to prove, and accusations may bring about legal action. Private investigators in Florida can help you obtain proof of employee theft before you attempt to fire an individual.

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Employee Theft

It is a serious threat to the future of your business when an employee begins to steal your products or funds. When you first suspect someone of this crime, it is an instinct to fire them immediately, however; this action could cause them to file legal action against you if there is no proof of their actions. Private investigators in Florida can uncover the evidence you need to register your own legal action and remove the employee from your company.

Employee theft may start small. This form of theft is reported to be costing businesses more than $50 billion a year with thieves starting out by just taking small amounts from petty cash, misrepresenting expense accounts, or filing false reimbursement forms. The longer an employee works for you, the more they will take away from your profits.

Wrongful termination can cause you legal complications and loss of morale among other employees. If you suspect employee theft, seek the help from private investigators in Florida to uncover the theft and provide you with the proof you need for proper termination. Early accusations without evidence can result in the potential thief hiding their actions and make proving theft harder or impossible.

Private investigators in Florida can begin an investigation of those you suspect by running background checks to look for prior history or look at your internal process to narrow down potential employees who may be involved. This form of investigation will build a case to find the potential thief before any wrong assumptions are made.

Hiring private investigators in Florida will prevent your business running into difficult legal situations or causing a moral crisis within your employees. Private investigators in Florida will keep your investigation of employee theft objective and avoid the situation getting out of hand by uncovering the evidence you need for the proper legal action.

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