If you have placed a loved one in a nursing facility or have hired someone to care for them and fear their care or financial welfare is jeopardized, a private investigator Ft Lauderdale can find the proof you need to file charges. Any suspicions concerning elder abuse should be reported to the authorities immediately, however; their intervention may not solve the issue.

Elder abuse is defined as, “an intentional act, or failure to act, by a caregiver or another person in a relationship involving an expectation of trust that causes or creates a risk of harm to an older adult.” The abuse can in the form of financial abuse, emotional/psychological abuse, neglect, physical abuse, or sexual abuse. If you suspect someone you know, or someone you love is subject to any form of this abuse contact a private investigator Ft Lauderdale to help find proof for legal litigation.

private investigator ft lauderdale

Why use Private Investigator Ft Lauderdale?

Abuse of any form should be reported to the authorities. Along with reporting the abuse, you can help protect the victim by having a Private Investigator Ft Lauderdale find the proof you need relating to the nature of the abuse. This evidence will assist the authorities and the victim when the case is presented in court.

Private investigator Ft Lauderdale will be able to establish the form of abuse and that it is in fact occurring. They will identify who the abuser or abusers are by collecting evidence to support the allegation. This data will assist the prosecution should the case go to court. In many cases, if the private investigator Ft Lauderdale first-hand witnesses physical abuse during their investigation, they can remove your loved one from the situation and get them to a safe location.

How Private Investigator Ft Lauderdale will Uncover Abuse

Private investigator Ft Lauderdale will use surveillance and covert operations to uncover abuse. Cameras will be hidden to capture incidents of physical or emotional abuse. They can also search criminal records; perform employment verification, conduct asset searches and more to uncover information needed to validate abuse.

Do not waste time if you in any way suspect a loved one is suffering from elder abuse. Private investigator Ft Lauderdale will conduct a thorough investigation to make sure your loved one is safe, and the abuser cannot hurt anyone else.

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