Pre-Employment Screening

Whether a company is large or small, pre-employment screening is necessary in order to avoid costly hiring mistakes and avoid lawsuits. Quality references are no longer enough. Due to mounting security concerns, growing instances of corporate scandals, and other worries in the workplace, pre-employment screening is now a widespread practice. Conducting a background check on a potential new employee can help your company avoid time-consuming, expensive lawsuits and being held liable if something goes awry.

For job-seekers, preemptively ordering your own background check can give you a leg up on the competition. Chances are, any potential employer will require you to submit to pre-employment screening sometime in the hiring process. Knowing what your background check shows can be a huge advantage. You can address any possible red flags before an employer just simply crosses you off as a candidate for the job. Also, you can submit clean background checks directly with your resume, saving the potential employer a step in the hiring process.

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