If you think you’ve been the victim of insurance fraud, there is a good chance you have been. Insurance fraud is a thriving industry costing Americans more than $80 billion a year. Those who try to bilk insurance companies often lead trails of evidence but finding it can become time-consuming and difficult.  Miami private investigators have the experience, knowledge, and resources to investigate insurance fraud.

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Fraudulent Claims

Your insurance company may use statistical analysis and other technology to flag potentially fraudulent claims, but when you need actual investigative foot-work done, you need a Miami private investigator. Miami private investigators are able to perform stakeouts to watch an individual’s activity if they are falsely claiming a disability. They can also conduct advanced web research to aid in your evidence gathering. These procedures will help you establish the evidence you need to justify denying a claim. You may even be able to use the information found to bring legal action against the claimant for falsely filing a claim.

Investigations Uncover Proof

Miami private investigators will find the proof you need that all parties involved in a claim are being honest and correct. Getting out in the field is their specialty, and they interview all parties involved with the claim. These interviews will include the claimant as well as physicians if necessary, contractors or whoever else is responsible for providing verification regarding the claim.

Some car crash victims are actually a result of a ‘car crash ring.’ If you or your company suspects you are receiving a claim as a result of one of these groups, Miami private investigators are able to delve into this claim and find proof if it was not a legit automobile accident. They can also look into arrest and criminal records to determine if an individual has past convictions for fraud. Looking into an individual’s financial well-being, credit scores, or past insurance experiences can provide interesting insights of a case.

The information gathered from checking one’s background will not positively indicate insurance fraud, but Miami private investigators can find you the information needed to put a claim under stricter scrutiny. Physical evidence will also aid you in detecting fraud, and Miami private investigators are skilled at analyzing and collecting all pieces that are relevant to a claim.

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