Infidelity in the Workplace - Workplace Affairs

The statistical numbers don’t lie as more than 50 percent of all spouses will have workplace affairs during the lifetime of their marriage. Often, one-third of those marriages end in divorce. In the explanation of their actions, the unfaithful spouse felt the grass was always greener on the other side and that led them to betray the vows of their marriage.

Still, it will be hard to prove infidelity in the workplace by your spouse. Unless, you hire a private investigator to confirm your suspicions of adultery.

workplace affairs

Catching a Cheating Spouse at Work

Emotions can drive a suspicious spouse to make rash decisions before gathering any evidence to prove their accusation. Often, their actions will have ever-lasting consequences to the marriage if they’re proven to be not true. It’s a delicate situation that should be left for professionals to investigate.

To begin the process, a private investigator may ask difficult, personal questions about the state of your marriage. Be honest with your answers as the discontent within the relationship might have started months or years before your suspicions of infidelity were raised. Often, couples drift apart due to a failure to communicate with one another. Frustration overrode the ability to come up with a joint solution to their marriage problems.

Private investigators can follow a “cheating” spouse and document their every move at the workplace. And this is done without the spouse’s knowledge. The goal is to gain visual evidence through video or photographs from suveillance equipment.

The Art of Surveillance

Surveillance is an effective tool used by private investigators to confirm there was infidelity in the workplace done by the spouse. They understand how to conduct a thorough investigation within the legal guidelines. A private investigator’s work begins and ends on the direction of their client.

The art of surveillance begins by gathering the “cheating” spouse’s daily routine as this helps to plan which locations will host the equipment. Private investigators have a knack of blending in with a crowd as anonymity, this is the best tactic to use when investigating this type of accusation. The evidence collected is used in a divorce court proceeding and later in a child custody case hearing.

It’s important for the client to keep their daily schedule intact, so not to raise any suspicions from their partner. To successfully gather evidence of infidelity in the workplace, you cannot give your spouse any feeling that they’re being followed or caught in a lie.

Signs of a Workplace Affair

Infidelity itself isn’t the main cause for a divorce as most attorneys rarely see healthy and happy marriages dissolve from affairs in the workplace. No, it’s an alarming trend that has increased significantly of late. If a wife is cheating at work, it’s because she has fallen deeply in love with their co-worker in a short period of time. Most workplace affairs quickly blossom as both parties are attracted to one another because of their similar likes and dislikes. 


Signs of cheating wife at work is if she isn’t coming home regularly and spending more time than normal at work. Also, concerns should be raised if your partner is sleeping elsewhere the majority of the time.

Hard decisions are ahead for a spouse who thinks their partner is having workplace affairs and hiring a private investigator helps to figure out what direction the marriage will be heading soon. 

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