How Much Does A Private Investigator Cost? Less Than You Think

How much does a private investigator cost for a long-term case? Do those costs vary? What options do you have? Well, quite a few. Private investigator costs vary based on region, case, and the investigator you’re looking to hire.

What you can expect is an hourly expense. The PI has to cover also travel costs, lodging, and other incidentals. This may just be reflected in the miles he drives to follow a subject.

how much does private investigator cost

Expectable Averages

Because a private investigator rate is dependent on the investigator, the case, and the market, it’s going to vary. In rare cases you’ll get an overall cost that may be given to you in an up-front sum for the first half of the investigation, and a final sum once the job is done.

Generally, though, you can expect the hourly rate to be as low as $75, or high as $120 per hour. However, if you want a PI to trail a spouse overseas, that’s going to spike the rate. A lot of PIs charge about $90 an hour, but it will depend on the investigator, and the case. A cheap private investigator could be a great option, just be sure and do your own investigation to be sure.

Affordable Rates From Worthwhile Agencies

How much does a private investigator cost you if they don’t produce results? Now you’ve got the uncertainty that prompted you to hire them in addition to monetary loss. Still, if you conduct a Google search and simply put in “cheap private investigator near me“, you’ll find a few options. If you’re going cheap, you want to look at collateral features of the PI you’re considering. One tactic that can help you get an idea is to look for PI agencies serving more than one community. This indicates staff.

That being said, existence of staff is no indicator of investigative quality. Experience indicates prospective success more accurately. The more experience a PI has, the better. Some agencies can compound experience through multiple investigators–check to see if the agency you’re considering is seeking to expand the investigators it manages by hiring investigators. This could indicate they’re scaling outward–a good sign.

A cheap rate from a good agency means they’ve got investigation protocols down to a science. In this sense, competitively affordable rates around $75-$90 an hour indicate quality services. It’s possible to get top-tier investigation services affordably with the right investigation agency.

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