GPS Tracking Investigations

GPS, or Global Positioning System, surveillance is an extremely effective tool for private investigators. By using satellites to track the specific location of a vehicle or person in real time, private investigators no longer have to personally follow a subject and document each location visited for all cases. GPS surveillance can be used for the following applications:

  • Infidelity Investigations – If you’re skeptical of the time your spouse spends away from home and believe cheating may be involved, GPS surveillance can help. You’ll find out exactly where your spouse goes, specific street addresses of each location, the time spent in that location and any third parties involve
  • Child Custody Investigations – GPS surveillance can help provide crucial evidence to where kids spend the majority or their time and who they are with when they are in the hands of an ex-spouse. This information can impact future court decisi
  • Vehicle Tracking – In some cases, it is either impossible or extremely risky to physically tail a subject without being discovered or completely losing the subject of the investigation. In these instances, a GPS tracker is attached to the subjects car, which then communicates real-time information on the vehicle’s location 24 hours a
  • Company Surveillance – GPS tracking can be utilized by business owners to keep tabs on employee usage of company cars and company equipment.

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GPS tracking can also assist in insurance fraud investigations, workers’ compensation investigations and restraining order enforcement. GPS surveillance also has applications outside of private investigations. It can be used by parents to keep track of their children. Ease your mind by knowing where your teenager drives and who they associate with.

What is a GPS tracking device?

Global positioning system tracking devices are a crucial part of the Private Investigation industry. A GPS tracking device allows the Investigator to monitor the activities and whereabouts, of an individual day or night.
During the surveillance process, many unforeseen circumstance may arise that will derail the investigator such as, being caught at a red light, congestion or heavy traffic, even bad weather.  The tracking device provides the investigator with a real time update on the current location of the subject.

The GPS tracking device also provides a detailed history of all of the subject’s whereabouts including, where they are parked, when they started moving, the routes taken and where they stopped.  The beauty of a GPS device is these records are kept on file for as long as you need them. Keeping the history is pivotal to any and all investigations including those involving insurance disputes.

The practical application for business owners with large fleets is a live view of your employee’s whereabouts. You can keep track of location, how long of time spent between deliveries, or how well an employee is driving.  You will even be able to determined a better and more efficient route for your drivers. GPS vehicle tracking device promotes more honesty within the company and accurate updates for various clientele.

A GPS tracking device is not only for the licensed investigators or law enforcement, but also for individuals who are interested in tracking their own vehicles, packages, or other large valuable items for their own peace of mind.
A boating amateur with a small vessel at a dock or a family moving with expensive pieces of furniture across county lines, can immediately see the benefits of a GPS tracking device to monitor and view their personal items on their own time, any time.
A device like this is also great for use of monitoring teens and young adults on long trips back and forth between their family’s home and their school / college.

There is a wide array of applications for a GPS tracker. Rather its for your business, personal property or keeping your family safe. A GPS tracker can assist anyone looking for peace and comfort by just knowing.

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