Every relationship has its ups and downs.  Many couples get through things in time.  But sometimes there is more going on than you know.  There are signs that he may be stepping outside of the relationship.  You may want to hire a Florida private investigation to see if you have a cheating spouse or significant other.  We service West Palm Beach, Fort LauderdaleMiamiSouth Beach and the rest of South Florida.  While we provide time stamped video and photos (depending on lighting and distance) our utmost concern is confidentiality.

While not every little thing means he’s cheating, South Florida has a lot to offer like nightlife, beautiful women, clubs, live music, and so forth so temptation might get the best of him. A Florida private investigation can help.

florida private investigation

Here are some signs that you may not be the only female in his life.

  • Has new clothes or cologne
  • Unexplained absences
  • You can’t reach him
  • Is overly attentive to you
  • Cell phone is always dying
  • Mood swings
  • Takes his phone in the bathroom
  • Change in sexual appetite or style
  • Started manscaping
  • Change in weight
  • Hang up calls from the same number
  • Suddenly has a password on his phone
  • Work days are longer
  • Suddenly must travel
  • Always clears computer history
  • Has become very quiet
  • When you confront him he accuses you of being crazy
  • He’s very defensive
  • Talks privately on his phone
  • Gets up in the middle of the night
  • Has new friends
  • Changes plans at the last minute
  • Can’t account for money or credit card charges
  • Keeps you from his social media
  • Doesn’t include you in his posts in social media
  • Your instincts tell you something isn’t right
  • He over explains where he was or why he’s late
  • Won’t reveal his residence
  • Won’t let you meet any of his friends
  • You can’t come to his place of employment
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