Sadly, there are all kinds of scammers in the world of dating.  Generally speaking those taken advantage of are women, and in our area, we have many cases in Boca Raton.
These women tend to be financially secure, over 50 years of age, and recently widowed or divorced. Many are new to the world of online dating. This makes them susceptible to scam artists and fraud.

boca raton private investigator

Most people don’t consider doing background checks on a stranger they meet.  If you’re talking with someone online, you may want to have a Boca Raton private investigator doing a comprehensive background check on them.

Our Boca Raton private investigator did a comprehensive background check for a 65-year-old widow from Boca Raton, Florida.  She had met a gentleman online and communicated for a year and a half with him.  He gave an address that came back to a shopping center.  His social security number came back to an elderly lady in Omaha, Nebraska.  All the businesses he claimed to have owned were fictitious.  Armed with this information she withheld her payment of $100,000 she was going to send him.  He had promised her that she would receive her money back in six days.  Once she confronted him with the information we provided her, he tried to convince her it was all wrong.  We advised her to have the local police confirm his identity, but he refused to go to the station.

Signs it may be a scam:

  •  They are in the military and deployed outside of your area.
  • They live in a foreign country.
  • They want to talk to you off the dating site.
  • They give a long personal history and want things to move very fast.
  • They quickly want money and it usually comes with a sad story or them having a problem accessing their money.
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