Asset and Bank Searches

Asset and bank searches are conducted to locate an individual’s or business’s assets, including property, bank accounts, vehicles, stocks, bonds, etc. Asset investigations can be used to determine how likely you are to receive money in court cases, how secure an individual’s assets are, or whether a company is trustworthy. Asset investigations can also tell you whether fraud is being committed or whether assets are being hidden. Discovering this important financial information can both help you in court and arm you with vital knowledge to do conduct everyday business.

Pricing of Asset and Bank Searches

  • Nationwide bank search, including all bank accounts located throughout the country – $1995.
  • Nationwide brokerage search for both stocks and bonds – $1995.
  • Both nationwide bank and brokerage search, including all accounts located throughout the country – $2395.
  • Business bank search, including bank information within a specific state (FEIN required) – $1495.
  • Social Security Number or FEIN locate – $195

Through an asset and bank search, you will find out:

  • Bank na
  • Addre
  • Approximate balance

Call us at 954-200-8945 or fill the contact form on this page, to request a thorough bank or asset search (Hablamos Español). 

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