There are different reasons why people get into relationships. The most common reason is to have a healthy relationship that lasts through time and trials. Unfortunately, this picture-perfect image is different from the reality. What are the top cheating spouse signs that show your partner is being dishonest?

In a report by the Institute of Family Studies and several other researchers, more than 15 % of people cheat on their spouses.
How can you know if your spouse is cheating on you

cheating spouse signs
If you’re asking this question, you’re wary about certain behaviors or trends from your partner. Before you confront them, however, you need to be sure they are cheating. Here are the top 3 cheating spouse signs you should look out for.

1. They become more secretive

You likely have a secret you’re keeping from your spouse. Having a secret or two is quite common. However, when your partner is cheating on you, they become more secretive and reserved. They go through every length to ensure you don’t find out they’re cheating on you.

You may notice your partner has changed their passwords; they share very little, they don’t tell you where they’re going and so on. Fortunately, keeping secrets isn’t always effective, and in most cases, you’ll catch spouse cheating when they forget vital details. Alternately, there are various ways of tracking cheating spouses, such as hiring an investigator.

2. Reduced intimacy and affection

The truth is, there’s only so much affection a person can give. When a spouse is cheating, they’ll likely show all affection and intimacy with the other person. This leads to reduced feels towards you.

If you suspect your partner is cheating, evaluate the different types of intimacy – physical, emotional, sexual, etc. that you used to share before, and see if they have declined over time.

Also look at other affectionate acts –hugs, kisses, cuddling, etc. that the partner would look forward to. If the affectionate and intimate acts have reduced or stopped, you might be on your way to catching a cheating spouse.

3. Increase or decrease in sex drive

Most cheaters are less likely to initiate sex in their relationships as they are getting pleasured elsewhere. On the flip side, some cheaters will have more sex in their relations. This can be attributed to guilt, or they are attempting to hide their cheating acts by trying to act normal.

Either way, cheaters almost always change the frequency of sex in their relationships. If you notice a change in your relationship’s sex patterns, you may be on your way to catch spouse cheating.

Ultimately, it is important to realize there is little you can do to keep your partner from cheating. They have decided to go out of the relationship and cheat, and you have little control over that. However, you should not be in the dark while your companion is cheating on you.

You have a right to know and decide what the next move is. To be sure of the outcome, get an investigator for cheating spouse to help you get professional advice and evidence if your partner is cheating. Don’t be left in the dark, if you’re suspicious of your spouse, talk to a professional investigator.


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